The dove can fly
up to the sky.
The dog runs around,
down on the ground.

That's the Story
of their different Point of view.

The dove looks down to the trees.
Like green clouds they appears.
But the dog already knows,
how scratchy are those!

The dog Looks up to see,
how birds fly so easily.
But the dove already knows,
how strong the wind blows!

The dove can see,
what is coming soon
and the dog will know,
what they have to do.

(The dove,:
"We should search for a hide,
a storm is in sight!")

(The dog,:
"May it Looks so warm,
we'll get wounded by a thorn!")

If they talk to each other,
they'll stay alive.
If they work together,
they'll ever survive!

© Mira Draconis

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