You close the borders
by giving strange orders.
What's the reason
for your expression?
Do you lose your might
or are you afraid?

You spit on your folk and on your neighbours
for your own hopes and other favours.
You give your best.
One raven less.

You should be a leader and take care of the crowd
but you do nothing and it mades you proud.
That's a mess!
One raven less.

Send the Parliament home
and you'll fall like Rome!
The place they nest
the ravens will left.

If you want to break out,
take care of the crowd!
They'll be angry and loud.
And a little mouse
will burn your house!

Try to remember, what will happen
if the ravens will leave the Tower of London!

© Mira Draconis

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Mal was aktuelles und gleichzeitig mein erstes politisch motiviertes Gedicht.

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