... Drowning in a Sea of Tears

© ©MEP4Photography/i.A.H20-18

I see it at Morning,
when the Sky is wreathed in Crimson Red,
my Worries are dawning
like the Anger & Guilt in my Head
& like all the Tears at Night I shed.

I still see it at Noon,
& I still taste the Salt of my Tears,
my Senses swim & swoon,
& my Body gets flooded with Fears,
while the Water rises to my Ears.

I do cover my Eyes,
while diving between the Highs & Lows,
while the Sorrow does rise,
& the Tears cover me Head to Toes
& the Water rises to my Nose

I see it in my Dreams,
every Night & during the Day,
between my Shouts & Screams,
I don’t know what to say,
I am swallowed, awash & away

© i.A.H20-18

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