Every night i wish to die.
Every night i wish to fly.
Take me away from this place
my life everyday replace.
Kill me kill me
you can't save me.
My soul is screaming
don't know what love is meaning.
Take me away to a better place
don't let the pain everyday replace.
You can't save me
because this is not anymore me...

© Darielyoshira

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Kommentare zu "Let me go"

Re: Let me go

Autor: hartmut   Datum: 25.11.2018 15:25 Uhr

Kommentar: give us peace on earth.

Re: Let me go

Autor: Verdichter   Datum: 26.11.2018 17:11 Uhr

Kommentar: Give me a chance!
What's in your heart?
Let us enhance,
not fall apart.

Just try a little...

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