Why do people hunt?

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Hunting animals for meat and selling their skins for money is still widespread locally. For some hunting families, especially those in remote rural areas, hunting is the main source of income. Currently, social demand for wild animals is still relatively high, and their prices are significantly higher than those of poultry or farm animals.

Hunting is sometimes used to protect plants from wild animals. Plant in spring and harvest in fall. After a year of hard work, the fall harvest season has arrived. However, in the fall, wild animals such as wild boars, black bears, and hedgehogs come to eat the crops. City people only have a vague idea of the extent of damage caused to wild animals, but for farmers facing the loess, a farmer only has a few acres of land, and a group of wild boars can destroy crops on several acres of land in one night. This causes severe damage to their economy.

But for many people living in modern cities, hunting is a hobby and healthy outdoor activity. Hunting locations are mainly in remote rural areas. It belongs to a forest and mountain area with beautiful surroundings and fresh air. Go on an outing with family and friends, hike the mountains and rivers, hunt, admire beautiful natural scenery, breathe in fresh air, and take a break from the stresses of work and daily life. Hunting often requires carrying guns, ammunition, and outdoor equipment, walking long distances to find and chase prey, trekking through mountains and rivers, walking through forests and farmlands, which is a strict test for the hunter's physical strength and perseverance, and is a good physical exercise. Moreover, cooking the game you hunt yourself has a unique taste.

Some hunters spend time and money traveling around the world to hunt their favorite prey and feel great accomplishment. For them, an impressive display of hunting memorabilia is the best testament to their skill and success.

But there is more to hunting. In modern society, people have been living in cities for a long time, and the relationship between people and nature is becoming increasingly distant. Most people never have the opportunity to actually experience hunting. Hunting teaches us to appreciate the wisdom and beauty of nature, looking back on millions of years of human evolutionary history and understanding the behavioral norms that hunting gave us. We learn to understand and respect the value of life.


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