Awesome Electric Motorcycles Worth Throwing A Leg Over

There are plenty of benefits to riding an electric motorcycle. Thanks to the use of modern electric motor technology, electric bikes enjoy the benefits of instant power, thrilling acceleration, and hair-raising performance. And since most motorcyclists ride their bikes in pursuit of high speeds and two-wheeled thrills, an electric motorcycle should appeal to the vast majority of motorcycle owners.To get more news about davincitech, you can visit official website.

Of course, the environmental benefits should be so obvious that they are hardly worth mentioning. Cleaner air, less noise, a healthier environment — you should know the spiel by heart. Environmentally, electric vehicles are the future. The automotive industry and governments all over the world agree. Also, gas motos aren’t as green as you might imagine, even compared to automobiles.

Even the MotoGP has seen the value of the electric motorcycles and added an electric GP championship that takes place across the European circuits, with 10-lap races showcasing just how exciting electric motorcycles can be. The Isle of Man TT has been promoting electric motorcycles for years – and if the most successful rider of the race John McGuiness can get a kick out of riding an electric motorcycle, then you certainly will.
At the moment, the industry has two kinds of electric motorbikes for adults on the market: smaller pedal-assist style electric motorcycles such as the Bultaco Brinco, and more heavy-duty E motorcycles that come equipped with powerful acceleration and a more conventional rider experience.
KTM Freeride E-XC
Road legal, you ask? Not quite, but this awesome KTM electric bike wasn’t built for the roads. This is the KTM Freeride E-XC, the first electric KTM to arrive in the U.S. And since it’s not geared toward the road, KTM was able to bend a few rules with this cool machine.

Alta Motors Redshift SM
When Alta Motors unveiled their Redshift MX moto-crosser back in 2016, it was met with praise from all over the industry. Afterward, they followed up with the more road-friendly supermoto model, the Redshift SM. Equipped with the same WP suspension you’d find on a KTM and fitted with high-quality Brembo brakes, the Redshift SM wears the same kind of top-level tech that you’d expect on a similarly priced motorcycle. But what about the electric parts?

Emflux One by Emflux Motors
This electric motorcycle isn’t available in the U.S. yet, but it’s worth keeping an eye on. The Emflux One is made by Indian start-up Emflux Motors, and it promises to be a sub-$10k electric bike. It also calls itself India’s first superbike, and we hope to see it in the States soon.

Lito Sora Generation 2
The Sora Generation 2 by Lito is a frequent feature on electric bike lists, and it’s quite the attention grabber. Resembling a brutal street fighter, the Sora boasts some decent performance stats and showcases some innovative engineering — but it’s usually the huge price tag that gets everyone talking.

Zero SR
If the Lito Sora is a piece of designer luxury, then the Zero SR is the everyman’s utility tool. It’s not the fastest or the most expensive. It doesn’t have the coolest look and won’t turn too many heads. But in a real-life situation, the Zero SR is probably one of the most useful electric motorcycles out there.

Italian Volt Lacama
Currently available for pre-order, don’t miss the Italian Volt Lacama. The Lacama is pretty much at the MV Agusta end of the luxury spectrum, and the company boasts that every single unit will be more or less tailor-made for every customer.

Tacita T-Cruise Urban
Tacita is a company that you want to pay attention to primarily because they are one of the few electric bike manufacturers that have actually listened to the complaints of potential converts. Tacita has been working on electric motorcycles … with clutches and gear shifters. And while they have a few models on offer, we’re going to recommend their T-Cruise electric bike, because we haven’t got many cruiser styled motorcycles on offer.

Lightning LS-218
How about one of the fastest production motorcycles ever dreamed up? This is the Lightning LS-218, an electric motorcycle so fast and powerful that even the most stubborn gasoline supporters will have to sit up and pay attention.

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