Best Shops For Custom Jewelry In Minnesota

There certainly is an abundance of creative and beautiful jewelry crafted by gifted Minnesota artists. Their wares fill shows and shops throughout Minnesota. On the other hand, there are not many shops where a customer can walk in, sit down with a designer and get a piece of jewelry hand-crafted to his or her particular desires. Here are five shops where the customer meets the designer.To get more news about jewelry designers, you can visit official website.

Uniquely Yours is made up of three skilled experts who have earned a reputation of meeting their clients’ needs and expectations when designing wedding rings, engagement rings, bracelets, earrings, pendants, eternity bands and a variety of gemstone rings. Jenifer Bellefleur, as certified diamond expert with a creative flair, designs wedding and engagement rings. Master jeweler Kelsey Lee Karol takes the lead in creative designs as well as repair and restoration of all jewelry. He does shows at local fairs and maintains his own studio in the Northeast Arts District. Founder and owner Gregory Brassil is a native of the Linden Hills neighborhood, although he first studied at the Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts in San Francisco and at the Gemological Institute of America in California before returning to Minneapolis in 1992.

Located in Roseville, Consumer Direct Jewelers is one of the few family-owned businesses in the state that designs and manufactures its own product. It also offers services in jewelry repair, jewelry sizing and jewelry insurance. It has focused on custom design of jewelry ever since it opened as a studio in 1981. Today, shoppers can find gold and silver engagement rings and bands, as well as some cool-looking alternative bands. Better yet, the business does everything on site and strives to turn every order within a week.

Sit down with leading local custom jewelry designer Rafic to tell him what you are looking for, the style you like and what price you can afford. Rafic creates custom designs that are as beautiful as they are unique. The result will be a meaningful keepsake for the rest of your life. The intrinsic value of your treasure is even greater when you are gifting it as a life-long remembrance. Gerber Jewelers opened in 1885 and is now is one of the oldest and most respected jewelry stores in Minnesota.

While Wayzata Jewelers offers a large assortment of beautiful jewelry, the shop’s specialty is in creating unique treasures. Wayzata Jewelers’ on-site designers are masters of old-world technique but they have the latest in Computer Aided Design and Three Dimensional Printing at their disposal. Not only will the final product be the only one of its kind, but also it will be done quickly. This special little shop is family owned and operated.

Ever think about making the jewelry piece yourself? Then check out Sarah Michaela Sitarz’ offering. While Sarah is a trained jewelry artist herself, she shares this knack of jewelry making with anyone who wants to learn in private instruction or in classes. Enroll in a wax carving or a lost-wax casting class. Follow that up with a ring class to learn basic metal smithing skills. There are classes in everything from etching to drilling. Come down to Quench the first Thursday of every month to share ideas and have fun making jewelry. Sarah also offers studio or a bench rental at hourly or monthly rates.

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