Wiegel Tool Works (WTW) has partnered with leading OEM and Tier manufacturers for over 77 years to streamline all stamping production processes within one operation and produce metal stampings and assemblies with automated assembly and semi-automated assembly services. Industries we serve include aerospace, appliance, automotive, electric vehicle, electrical equipment, electronics, lighting, military and defense, solar, structural building components and telecommunications, among others.To get more news about metal stamping manufacturers, you can visit official website.

For high volume production or prototype production, we can build complex progressive tooling that has the capabilities of joining components together in stamping production. Within our in-die assembly process, punch presses simultaneously produce stampings and assemble components to parts in one operation, reducing total production time. Stampings can also be produced in one operation and then placed in a secondary operation to assemble or insert components to stampings. Stamping assemblies can be designed to join multiple stamped parts together, plastic pieces, metal inserts, or insert hardware components such as fasteners, screw machine parts, bushings, nuts, and studs to metal stampings. Assembly processes include threading, staking, tapping, hardware insertion, parallel stamping of different parts, joining, stacking, welding, and riveting.

Our team of highly-skilled engineers provide design assistance, recommendations for material and plating selections, and offer cost savings ideas for part and tool designs using the latest 3D CAD modeling software, Siemens NX. Using the most sophisticated CAD software in the industry, our engineers can design and debug progressive dies and model part production through on-screen simulations prior to actual production, preventing issues and optimizing process efficiencies.

With a fully equipped tool room, we are capable of manufacturing complex progressive tooling for stamping assembly production “in house” instead of seeking assistance from an outside tool and die shop. The close alignment between our tool room and engineering team allows us to make necessary tooling changes and adjustments in real-time.

Stamping component features include automated in-die assembled, bi-metal, coated, coined, compliant pin (eye of the needle), countersunk, critical dimensions, EB welded, embossed, enameled, eyelets, flat, formed, heat-treated, IDC slots, inlay, multiple stamping, numbering, precious metal-plated, reeled, shape critical, skived, strain relief, surface critical, surface mounted, tapped, threaded, tip coin and tuning forks.

Streamline your supply chain and produce reliable stamping assemblies with Wiegel Tool Works, the leading metal stamping and tooling manufacturer who deploys sophisticated production and quality controls.


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