Summer months and ice cream is traveling, are you ready? Consider the ice drinks along with ice cream cake, this hot temperature is zero that intolerable. Thus, the actual demand for cake showcase chillers grows to meet summer, no matter for that common cake freshness or to the summer's goods. What is the most suitable temperature for cake display cabinet?

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Working Principle Of Cake Showcase Fridge

Features Of Wedding cake Display Fridge

Matters Having Attention Of Cake Showcase Fridge

Working Principle Connected with Cake Display Fridge
One of the best system for cakes can be fan cooling. Fan cooling is a form of cooling in which air is used as a medium in order to cool objects that ought to be cooled. The automatic defrosting humidity in the freezer is low, the refrigeration is even to obtain the effect of accurate temperature control, and their energy will not freeze with each other, greatly reducing the smell of every other.

It works commonly by increasing the surface of the object which needs cooling, or by increasing the pace at which air flows with the object per unit of your energy, or both.

The former is often achieved by adding a radiator to the surface of an thing, usually hanging the radiator exterior the object, or fixed about the object to make the heat dissipation better.

The latter can utilize fan will strengthen ventilated, aggrandizement soothing effect. In most instances, the cooling efficiency is often greatly improved by incorporating fins. Obviously, our products would be the latter one.

Features With Cake Display Fridge
Keep cooling temperature uniform

Our bodies of cake display show is fan cooling program, the most suitable program for cake storage, generating cakes fresh and smelling good.

Good insulation layer in order to save energy

The better the caliber of insulation is, the additional energy saves. The higher density foaming makes best insulation effect.

What’s more, the layer is in addition CFC free. CFC free of charge means we don’t employ materials having chlorofluorocarbon, healthy for human, friendlier to get environment. But it won’t injure the insulation effect of foaming layer. On your contrary, our insulation functions better.

Front double tempered tumbler with heater

Front double tempered glass with heater provides cake inside a proper temperature to keep nice.

Back sliding cup door

Have you ever been upset for the reason that sliding glass door appeared to be too tight to wide open? Then take a examine our cake display show! Our back sliding glass doors can simply open with excellent padding effect.

Matters Needing Interest Of Cake Display Refrigerator
according to the variety, every kinds of cake has its optimal refrigerated temperature. So that you can ensure the taste associated with cakes, most businesses refrigerate the cakes from the cake display cabinet. So easy methods to adjust and control the temperature on the cake display cabinet? The right way to use the cake display cabinet correctly?

The correct technique of regulating the cake display cabinet temperature can bring great help to it has the cooling effect.

Because with the change of the alternative environment temperature affects the internal temperature, such as hot in addition to cold environment and the volume of cake display cabinet gates and frost can effect its temperature.

Therefore, it will have a temperature difference associated with several degrees between the internal temperature belonging to the cake display cabinet as well as the debugging temperature, which can be a normal phenomenon. There is no problem with the cake present cabinet.

There are two main reasons to blame for the temperature of cake display showcase:



The high ambient temperature in summer causes it to be difficult to reduce the temperature inside the cabinet. The proper college diplomas is 2 to EIGHT degrees

Therefore, the startup time inside the cabinet will increase, as you move shutdown time will often be reduced, which not only can make the compressor work under high temperature for a long period and causes damage, but additionally increases the power use.


In winter, the actual ambient temperature is rather low.

If it is near to the regulated temperature, the startup and shutdown time will be more balanced, which not solely saves energy, but even offers no significant impact within the external temperature. Cake display cabinet refrigeration temperature should be between 0 to 10 degrees on track operation.


Cold safe-keeping

The temperature is ONE PARTICULAR to 4 degrees, preferably in close proximity to 2 degrees.

Such as mousse, jelly, framed birthday or framed cake and cream decoration cake belong to here.

Frozen storage

The particular temperature is -18 amounts.

Ice cream cakes, as an example, are displayed in these types of cake display showcase.

The correct temperature of cake display fridge is based on the species and seasons to a large extent. If you intend to purchase one your private cake display cabinet or perhaps more information and teaching, welcome to visit each of our website!


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