"The Elder Scrolls Online" is scheduled to launch the "Fearless Celebration" last week. Unfortunately, it had to be shut down shortly after launch. The event depends on the group or activity finder so that the player can get an exclusive reward in a group of four.

After a few hours, the event was terminated on all servers. This includes support features such as Impresario, which issues event tickets. These tickets are used to exchange ten or more multiples for unique items that are not available with ESO Gold.

The ESO team issued a statement stating that the incident ended prematurely. Players want the problem of the Activity Finder to be resolved as soon as possible.

The next day, the ESO team made a new update, but this is not good news. Gina Bruno, a community manager, said there will be no more activities on Wednesday, and the event finder has been fixed.

The official statement reads: "When we investigated the cause of the problem from yesterday, we found a new problem in which some groups that were queued with the "Activity Finder" were causing serious database load problems. The fix we are working on The program will better distribute the load and impact on the database, and these patches are currently tested with QA. In resolving these issues, we appreciate everyone's patience and fully understand the devastating effects this has on you. After receiving the test results of the quality check, we will provide everyone with another update of our plan on Monday."

Since then, ESO has implemented a performance improvement program and released different updates throughout the year. The fourth quarter of 2019 update 24 includes a complete rewrite of the Looking for Group system on the PC and console.

An overview of the program does not include future fixes for the Activity Finder. Although many people have fixed the problem, many people comment on social media that their experience is even worse. Some gamers can rely on their own guild or Cheap ESO Gold to find three other friends to deal with the dungeon. Because ESO is very friendly, others must rely on group seekers to handle more difficult dungeons. If the player is still unclear, please click on IGGM's homepage to find it.

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