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Happy with these and love the open leg. I always had to cut the elastic out of the legs of my other sweatpant purchases. The lightweight fabric is comfortable, breathable and wears well.
  Drica Silva

Great price, excelent product, very well made, very comfortable, fast shipment.
Will buy again, and again.

  Melissa van Husen

It fits the portable crib well, tight and neat.
  Cha Artillero Cabug

My son wears it all the time!!! I would say order a size up, it fits a bit small in my opinion.
  Donato Ornelas

My 5 year old son just recieved this and loves the helmet. Great price for a fun, realistic toy. The jersey is a little cheap but for the price you cant go wrong for football loving kiddos.
  Deano Jurgen Heaven

enjoyable if you enjoy music from that era...especially Frankie Vali
  Joan Trader

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