The Time I Died


I realized the time i died
Was another point i cried
I did it because i had an inisght
That said ive lost the never ending fight
I recognized that when it was done
The chance to be with you was gone
I thought with death it would be better
But in fact i just keep on to shatter

Verse 1:
What were your thougts when you found out about my end
Did you wish to be there to hold my hand
Making me dead
Was the worst idea i ever had
For myself there is nothing but hate
Cause i have no happy fate
I wish i had done the right thing in my life
Instead of the wrong one with this knife

Verse 2:
I wonder what you do without me
And if you finally feel free
Or if you think about wether the border should be crossed
Cause theres some part of your heart feeling lost
If thats true you shouldnt give a fuck
Believe me someday you will find your luck
You shouldnt be like me so dont act blind
There are better ways to free your mind

Verse 3:
Do you know that i take care of you as ghost
Cause im the one whos loving you the most
I cant tell if you already got it
When im back here feeling lonely and like shit
Im waiting for you to visit this place
So i can see you face to face
Maybe we can meet again there
A second chance would be quite fair

© Jason Sticcotti

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Beschreibung des Autors zu "The Time I Died"

In diesem Lied wird die Sicht eines Toten behandelt, wie er über seinen Suizid nachdenkt, warum es eine schlechte Idee war und dass die Frau die er immer noch liebt es ihm nicht gleichtun sollte und dass er obwohl er alles verloren hat immer noch an sie denkt.


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