Life's hammer


You’re just the nail of society that’s made to fit in
And if not, life’s hammer will beat you right in it
You can be strong but life’s hammer is stronger
You can be big but life’s hammer is bigger
You can be you but you won’t survive

If you have a crack you will be thrown away or beaten even harder
You can decide to stay on this assembly line of misery
It will make you forget in no time that you once were distinctive
You can hide in the bulk of pity
And if you don’t suffocate it will almost feel like you belong

When you make it to the finish line you will be buried in shame
And no one will remember where you came from nor who you were
You are defeated, pound so many times but you won’t even notice
The last swing is the hardest, it will knock you right out of it
I hope you don’t Fall to hard, your replacement is already waiting

© Maeve

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