Life's troop

© Maeve

Can’t you be like everybody else
Speak up but don’t be too loud
Be fast but don’t be too fast
Listen but don’t listen too carefully
Can’t you just be like me

Can’t you see like everybody else sees
All those Colours, even black and white
All those humans you can’t possibly divide
All those pictures of you being alright
Can’t you just see like me

Can’t you feel like everybody else feels
Sometimes sad or even mad
Sometimes happy and also crappy
Sometimes dumb but never numb
Can’t you just feel like me

Can’t you act like everybody else acts
Just a small part of a big piece
Just a follower who’s been followed
Just a second in life’s clock
Can’t you just act like me

I can be like me
Talking softly and super loud
Being slow and super fast
Not listening and hearing everything
I can just be like me

© Maeve

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