Kings and Queens


I feel so overwhelming, in a world full of Kings and Queens. You show me one thing and I can tell you how it means ~

Forget the you and see the us,
you dont need us to trust.
If all Kings and Queens find and hold each other, no one would show a bother.

You have to know - Everyone run on their own time. Our destiny to find the right, is a diffrent from your line. I promise - In the End every Queen meets her King. But that's not the only thing...

We need to learn to appreciate, before the love can hold all the weight. Life will teach us that we only need love to feel complete, cause the System tell us money is the receipt.

I feel so strong in a world full of Kings and Queens. Let's fight for our love to sheen! ❤

© Sahra Salzer

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Mal auf englisch...

Wir sind doch alle Kings und Queens ;)

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