The Witch I Fear!  (Experimental Free Verse, remake 2023)

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The Witch I Fear! (poetic musing)
© Andre Michael Pietroschek, all rights reserved

The Witch I Fear:
No ill-reputed mortal woman she will be!
No ambitious Wiccan copycat of Crowley,
No fulfilling of Gerald Gardner’s scheme.

The Witch I Fear:
Is certainly not a stranger to treachery & betrayal.
Is not fleeing from big-city-trauma into the woods.
Is not busy juggling occult & science along her way.

The Witch I Fear:
Won’t ride a broomstick, nor cackle aloud at night.
Won’t ever be incautious, blatant, dumb, or sloppy.
Won’t care that lesser mortals even may shun her.

The Witch I Fear:
Will not be undone by a cosmic horror creature.
Will not be shot dead by a dutiful County Sheriff.
Will not be forgiving on those trying to thwart her.

The Witch I Fear:
Has crossed that threshold of mortality many years ago.
Has negotiated with Good & Evil on her terms of conduct.
Has progressed farther than any occult book could reveal!

The Witch I Fear:
Is a phenomenon, no longer just a nightmare expressed.
Is powerful beyond what mortal science considers possible.
Is aware she will still be here, when mankind has perished.

The Witch I Fear:
Won’t be your loony gardener turned drug dealer or poisoner.
Won’t be that psychologist building her criminal sect minions.
Won’t be caught by police, whenever I am too lazy, or too weak.

The Witch I Fear:
That is the witch, who swallowed her pride, on whatever side.
That is the witch living, not dabbling about, her witching path.
That is the witch, who I can certainly NOT survive once more!

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© Andre Michael Pietroschek

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Beschreibung des Autors zu "The Witch I Fear! (Experimental Free Verse, remake 2023)"

While vaguely using the same idea (structure, concept) as in `Standing Up Again!´ & `Beyond That Point Of No Return´, back then I did not yet intent to consider establishing a form of poetry, albeit I repeatedly extended my basic approach. This is more about the folly of RL occultism than folklore or horror movies.

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