A part of my dreams

Every night you are a part of my dream,
never want you to disappear in my seen.
It feels like before when we were together,
being beside me when life teachs me to be better.
But why are you so quiet, like an observer?
Always watching me when I failure
and then touch me hopeful like a savior.
In my dreams I look at you as my preserver,
but in my head it says "No, you are worser!"

Cause in the end you wont appreciate
to hold all this weight.
Don't forget all those wasted new beginnings,
all I got are your expensive billings.
Im fighting against myself every night,
to get back my beloved purest light.
But our memories go through my head like a movie,
the hurtful ones and happiest ones.
Wish I could see again my lil' beauty,
my soul is still hoping about all those months...

The days are changing,
feelings gonna raging.
I miss the old good times,
cannot describe this with lines.
Just wanna let you see my signs,
that I still love all of your kinds.
Don't know why I always forgive.
Even if I give up to live,
when I was with you,
won't split my heart in two.
Cause my heart is still occupied by you. ♡

© Sahra Salzer

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