Moonlight at midnight,
it shine so bright
on lovers kiss
and tears of miss,
on heart and mind.
What can you hide?

You blame the stars with your Glamour.
(Who can be a better Amor?)
May I ask you for a favour?

Please show me the way through the darkest night,
protected by your silver light,
take care of me and my true love
from your place at the sky above!

© Mira Draconis

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Kommentare zu "Moonlight at midnight"

Re: Moonlight at midnight

Autor: hayodelight   Datum: 07.07.2019 15:46 Uhr

Kommentar: Beautiful poem.

Re: Moonlight at midnight

Autor: Mira Draconis   Datum: 09.07.2019 18:54 Uhr

Kommentar: Danke sehr! Thank you very much!

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