It`s the way your eyes look into mine.

It`s your voice
and the feeling inside of me
that rips me inner.

It`s the mass of unfulfilled hopes,
the permanent thoughts about you
that let me despair.

It`s the fact and the knowledge
that you`re unreachable for me.

It`s the horrible feeling
of an unfulfilled love.

It`s the flood of tears in my eyes
which don`t want to dry
because there is no reason to do so.

It`s one of my unfulfilled dreams
that I dream every night
and I wish
it would come true.

It`s the pain
ripping my heart
because I know
you will never love me.

© Jacqueline Wagner

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Beschreibung des Autors zu "Unfulfilled Love"

In meinem Gedicht "Unfulfilled Love" geht es um eine unerfüllte Liebe, und darum, was den Menschen ausmacht, in den man verliebt ist.

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